Citrix XenApp license acquisition error

We recently took over a Citrix server that has 40 licenses, but users cannot log on when there are more than 20 in use.  The previous admin worked around this by setting a scheduled task to restart the Citrix Licensing service when the following entry is logged:

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (-4): All installed licenses are currently in use.  Please contact your system administrator to acquire additional licenses.

We'd like to avoid this by using the available licenses as normal.  Attached is a screen shot showing the licences and the errors from the License Administration console.

How can we make Citrix use the licenses that should be available to it?  Thanks in advance for any advice!

Citrix License Errors
David HaycoxAsked:
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David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
It's a single (domain member) server running Server 2008 R2, with XenApp 6 Fundamentals edition, if that helps -thanks.
Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
Try to remove the usernames who are not accessing Citrix published applications by opening Quick start.
I see that you have 10 license not being used but they are added to the licensing server, am I right?
I don;t see the option Hosts next to these licenses. I you have CAL's (Client Access Licenses), Citrix demands that u add the Citrix License host name to the license that you create in your MyCitrix. Do keep in mind that the host name is case sensitive. And also, do keep in mind that you need to have the correct license. If your farm is running enterprise mode and you have advance license they won't work.
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David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
Sorry about delay, been away.  You're quite right, the host name is not showing next to the license.  How do I go about adding the host name though?  I can't see anything in the License Administration Console that allows me to do that.
No you can;t. What you need to do is login to the Citrix account the license was added to (so the website of Citrix itself, i thought it was MyCitrix) and then reallocate the free license (if any are available). If you don;t have that account anymore i would suggest mailing or calling Citrix for some help..

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David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
Looking good so far, it turned out there were 5 spare licences that hadn't been applied for some reason, so I allocated them and downloaded a new licence file.  I tried to import it (using procedure here:

but wasn't able to, for this reason:

That was easy enough to fix by installing the latest Citrix Licensing update.  We now have users on the the bottom three licences shown above, plus the new 5 (which now appears below them).  So far, not enough users have logged on simultaneously to go over the 30 mark, so I don't know if the as yet unused licences (the top two lines shown in the image, with a 2010 date) will be able to come into play or not - I'll have to wait and see.

Is it expected to not start using the licences from the top?
I'm not quite sure how Citrix picks up license. But don't you have a few spare accounts to login? This way you can atleast test if it works oke now.
And the new license aren't expired?? If not then yes they will be taken up eventually.
David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
Looks ok so far, we could test with extra accounts but I'm happy just to wait to see if it works ok with regular users.  With it being the summer holidays there are fewer users than normal, so we only got as high as exactly 30 so far - the earliest two licences haven't been used.

I think we should be fine; will post back and close in due course if all is well.
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