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Credential Checking

There are many format standards for web services (XML, JSON, etc),.  There seems to be a lot of legacy apps using XML, but most of the energy seems to be moving towards JSON.

What I need to implement now is some sort of identity protection, and I have little experience in this.  What is the most common form (SAML, Kerberos, etc) that will pass basic (nothing fancy) credentials?  Is there a standard that is developing momentum (like JSON).

Anthony Lucia
Anthony Lucia
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greetings Anthony Lucia, , I am only posting here because no other EE expert has, , I have done some web , I guess you can call them "services", for Server clients, to  establish an account, and are given server code that is used to get the services provided by doing a protocol (http, rest) exchanges.
The problem I have when I read your question is how little information you give about your "web service" and the factors you may want to implement in the web service to have to (in your words) - "I need to implement now is some sort of identity protection"  and the use of "XML" or "JSON" in the "identity protection" of some (maybe all) data exchanges to and from your http server exchange service. You may can re-ask this question with more info about the server exchange protocols (rest, soap, connection) and the ways you need to have your service deliver information, , and you might get some much better expert advice? ?
The easiest would be to implement basic authentication.

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