User not getting assigned to right DNS server

I have a user that is attempting to connect to my companies network via a Cisco VPN client. Everything has been working for this user for some time now. However today when the user connects they are able to connect successfully but unable to connect to any of the resources that they have been able to in the past. It appears that when the user is connected via VPN it is not using the DNS assignment configured in his group profile. Other users are currently using this same profile with no issue.

DNS appears to be configured correctly on the users computer for the Cisco adapter however when the user performs a ping or nslookup of resources within my network the IP addresses returned are not of our systems.

What could be causing his system to use his local/ISPs DNS setting even when connected via VPN?
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the only thing I could imagine is that for some reason, he now has a route on his computer that is directing the VPN traffic to the ISP instead of to the VPN- or the route that he should have to the VPN is no longer populating.
dowhatyoudo22Author Commented:
The problem turned out to be with the order of priority given to his network adaptors. The user had three network adaptors:

1. Local Area Connection 1 (Ethernet)
2. Wireless Adaptor
3. Local Area Connection 2 (Cisco VPN)

By going into the Network Adaptors screen > ALT Key > Advanced > Advanced Settings I was able to move the Cisco VPN connection into second and the Wireless connection to third. Once this change was made the user's laptop began using the correct settings.

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dowhatyoudo22Author Commented:
I was able to solve the problem myself. The one comment provided offered a theory but was not the solution to my particular problem.
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