Excel 2010 - Text without an end space character

Dear Experts,

Can you please advise basically I have a file where in a column there are unwaited space characters at some texts.

Could you advise based on the example which formula could cut that space from the end and leave the text (there the Orange has it), if the space is in the middle somewhere that should be untouched

csehzIT consultantAsked:
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CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
Presuming you'll only ever have the 1 extra space at the end, the following formula would work (the example here is looking specifically at the cell with the word Orange in it, so it's A3):

=MID(A3,1,(FIND(" ",A3,(LEN(A3)-1))))

What this does is uses the 'Mid' function to get the string from that cell, starting at character 1, and ending at the last character before the extraneous space. So if you put this formula in, it would grab the first 6 characters from the word 'Orange ' making it just 'Orange' without the space.
Have you tried the Trim() function in a formula?

In VBA, you have Trim(), RTrim(), and LTrim() functions.  You could define a range and do this:
rng.Value = Trim(rng.value)

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rng.Value = RTrim(rng.value)

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Santosh GuptaCommented:


CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
Well, in the time I've worked with Excel, never ran into the trim function. That makes me feel rather silly.
csehzIT consultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the solutions, I also forgot somehow the Trim but so just that's all
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