Folder Redirection slow at Remote offices (Site-to-Site VPN)

Hello all, So heres the run-down. Recently I configured Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection. The majority of our users are running Windows 7. The issue I am having is with Folder Redirection (FR) at our remote office's. These sites connect back to our main HQ with a pair of Sonicwalls connected with a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel. FR works without issue at our main campus connected via Fiber E-Line. Only these sites have issues. Such as, slow login, slow loading of apps, and slow access to files. When they are not using FR, access to files on the very same file server open quickly and logins are smooth. I used the bellow guides to configure this and don't believe I missed anything. Can anyone offer any insight as to why this might be happening? And any possible solutions to this problem. This has pretty much slowed these users down to a crawl so I need to find a solution fast!

Also attached are my GPO settings exported to HTML for your to peruse.

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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Can you run Iperf between all your sites and post the results to help better understand actual VPN overhead/link speed?  Also, list how many users at each location also.

Location A (30 users) 1.1MB/s

This kind of data is valuable in trouble shooting this issue in my opinion.
CKabsAuthor Commented:
Hey choward, I am not all that familiar with that tool so I feel setup will take me to long. I do however have attached a screenshot from another similar GUI based tool that does a similar test. See attached. This test was performed on a test WS at the problem location. However, this WS is not a member of our domain but instead I mapped a drive to simulate the connection to the file server where FR share is located.
Also I can tell you is the following, the particular building of concern  has a connection of 100Mbps Down and 35Mbps Up. Their average ping is between 10ms and 30ms give or take.

We are just concerned about this one location for now, that location has roughly 20 users.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Redirected folders does not work well over a VPN, regardless of the advertised speeds performance is always slow.  Look at your ping results, though good they are 30 times longer than the LAN.   Add to that the number of users.   I have even seen corruption with redirected folders on a VPN.
For best performance you should add a basic server running AD, DNS, and redirect the local folders to it.

There are group policies to specifically address slow links such as VPN's.  They will not improve performance but can increase reliability.
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Logon  | Always wait for the network at computer startup and login
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Scripts | Run logon scripts synchronously
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Group Policy | Group Policy slow link detection
Win 7:
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | Offline files | Configure slow-link mode.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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CKabsAuthor Commented:
I've been doing some reading about utilizing the Slow link mode. MS' suggestion is to set it at 1ms but we do have fiber connected remote sites that prob have a small delay so I was going to run some pings from those sites and find a number between 1 and the low end of the ping at the remote site in question. Do you think that would be sufficient.

Also, we are planning on adding a AD, DNS and for this purpose we could create a DFS and just enable it for this folder. Being that they have no issues getting to the file server for other file access. Its just odd bc all other resources exchange, file server access, vpn phones all work without any issue. Why is this so different?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Your suggestion sounds good to me.  As for why Redirected Folders performs poorly I don't know.  One would think after the initial sync there wouldn't be much back and forth traffic but it seems there is.
CKabsAuthor Commented:
Alright, so to clear this up this turned out to be related not to roaming profiles like I originally thought. But instead the real issue was folder redirection. Which I have no need for in our environment. All I wanted originally was to assure we backed up users local folders and allow them to move around the buildings. That can be accomplished with only roaming profiles. This was not made clear to me in my reading. So now the process to reverse these users ensues ;/.

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CKabsAuthor Commented:
No one identified the difference between the two, even though I described my precise issue. I am awarding myself the points because I figured it out on my own... Thanks to all the experts who chimed in though.
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