memory errors using foreach loops

I have a PHP file that uses the NuSOAP toolkit to connect to an API and return records that I then write to a local database.  I'm getting memory errors long before every record is returned.

The first problem - I'm not awesome at PHP.

I've read about foreach loops not being memory friendly and that I should be using for loops instead.  But (referencing 'the first problem'), I need a little help.

Anybody want to help me get this file to run without throwing memory errors (and maybe make it a little more efficient in the process)?

Carlos ElguetaAsked:
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One potential problem I see is that you are creating a new db connections for every loop in your foreach

Another thing to look at would be using prepared statements

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Carlos ElguetaAuthor Commented:
I've removed the db connections.  Will the statement preparations really help reduce memory?

One thing if tried is replacing

foreach ($response['data'] as $data)

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$record = $response['data'];
foreach ($record as $data)

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Because I had read it could improve memory when using foreach loops.
With the prepared statement the sql is sent to the sql server then in your loop you are just sending the data to use in the sql so it should be a lot faster and use less memory.

Your code above makes no difference really.
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Carlos ElguetaAuthor Commented:
Ok - I'll give it a shot.  The code above was in reference to a blog re: a memory leak in PHP 5 foreach loops - just figured I'd try it.
How many records are you inserting here?
And remember using Frameworks is alway memory hungry
Carlos ElguetaAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No longer need an answer...
Carlos ElguetaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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