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Office 365 vs Office 2013

I am an Access database developer.  I am going to build an Access 2007 database that interfaces with Outlook and Excel.  The client I am building the database for has Office 365 on his computer.  I do not have Office 365 on any of my computers.  From what I have read, I want to advise him to download Office 2013 and remove the Office 365.  Would that be good advice?
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you can Building an Access Database in Office 365 if you need also.


Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Most Office 365 SKUs offer downloadable office editions with Access.  I think only the cheapest of SKUs does not.  The client should NOT be told to uninstall Office 365 - Office 365 is a web service that hosts their e-mail and provides access to Office applications in a stripped down online form AND, in most SKUs, the FULL Office suite downloaded and installed on the local computer.

I strongly suggest you trial it to better understand what it is and allow you to speak appropriately informed to your client regarding the product.
Sasha42Author Commented:
Thanks, Lee.  Can I trial it without it interfering with the Office 2007 installed on my computer?

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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)PresidentCommented:
<<Most Office 365 SKUs offer downloadable office editions with Access.>>


<<I strongly suggest you trial it to better understand what it is and allow you to speak appropriately informed to your client regarding the product. >>

+1, +1, +1....

 No points please.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
With the exception of Outlook, yes.  You can only have one working Outlook at a time.

If you're a developer, you should have an MSDN subscription.  Setup a test machine (physical or VM) and run it there.
It is never a good idea to install a trial version of anything on your production PC.  Always use a separate non-work PC for testing trials or use Virtual PC or the equivalent so you can have different virtual PC's that don't interact on the same PC box.

As far as Office goes, O2013 and O365 are equivalent as long as you get equivalent levels.  As long as they both contain Access they are functionally interchangeable for your purposes.  Some of the differences are as follows.
1. O2013 comes with a perpetual license.  As long as you have the original installation CD, you can reinstall it as necessary (1 install at a time) for as long as you have hardware that will run it.  O365 is an annual subscription.  When you let your subscription lapse, your installation of Office turns into a doorstop.  The subscription price is about 1/3 of the price of the same component mix in a boxed edition.  So, if you tend to keep your software more than three years without upgrading it, O365 will probably cost you more unless you can take advantage of the friends and family 5 for 1 install feature.  If you have multiple PCs that you want the current version of Office installed on, O365 will probably be a better deal over time.
2. O365 will be updated as new editions are released so you are always current.  You will have a choice of whether to accept a new install or stay with the existing one (for at least some period of time.  We don't really know how MS will handle this)
3. O365 (some levels) include 5 installs so you can install O2013 on up to 5 different computers with one license.  It also comes with some web storage and Skype minutes.  Some levels include SharePoint subscriptions also.

Anything you build with A2007 will run on A2013 (whether it came from O2013 or O365) but not vice-versa.
Helen FeddemaCommented:
If you have any Automation code, it is likely to have problems because of having two Office versions installed.  If possible, I recommend installing Office 365 (which is Office 2013 plus the Web stuff) in a VM, so there won't be any interference.  Outside of your VM, you can do some stuff with the Office 365 Web components on computers with other Office versions, but that is limited.

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