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Need to replicate 3 tables from Oracle database

I'm looking for a solution that will replicate 3 tables from Oracle 11g database A to a different Oracle database B in real time if possible, if not then as often as possible.
1 Solution
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Goldengate is the 'new' product Oracle is pushing.

If you are running Enterprise Edition, Streams Replication is free but it is deprecated in 12c and may go away after that.

Then there is the older Multi-Master replication.

The online docs talk about all of these.
realtime option 1 would be to use views that query across a database link.

Your queries on B would be slower though because they'd have to pull the data across the link; but the data would always be realtime accurate.

realtime option 2 are triggers on the tables in A that push changes to B as they happen.  Your DML on A will be slower because each row inserted, updated or deleted will have to push the change to B and apply commits across the link.  If for some reason B can't be reached then A can't be updated.

near-realtime option 1 would be a materialized view that queries the data and refreshes in small window (every few minutes)

near-realtime option 2 would be a stored procedure and schedule that refreshes the data for you - if the tables are small this might be viable, if large then materialized views will likely be easier

near-realtime option 3 would be external tools
NytroZAuthor Commented:
We are using Oracle Standard Edition One.  I was hoping someone could recommend a third party tool that we could use and controle since we don't have an Oracle dba in house to write queries or stored procedures.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Standard One comes with 'Basic Replication'.


Now the bad news:  I cannot find anything that tells me what 'basic replication' means.

You might want to contact Oracle Support for clarification.
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
I agree with slightwv about "Basic Replication" in SE/SE1. In my opinion there is actually no (legal) way to use built-in Oracle replication tools unless you go for EE ;-)

I mentioned this one in various threads, so I will now: try this tool (eval) for yourself BEFORE even thinking about buying Golden Gate ;-)

Its cost are VERY low and -speaking for myself- it's far less complicated than Golden Gate...
NytroZAuthor Commented:
I found a third party tool from Double Take that we are currently testing.

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