Micro USB charging

With so many gadgets I'm getting a bit sick of alll the charging cables, and the losing them when you need them
So does anyone now if the Micro USB cables operate the same across devices for charging as this would eliminate quite a few cables.
I'd try plugging one in but don't want to blow anything up.

Or can you recommend a one for all (within Europe UK plug)
Off the top of my head I have speakers, Windows Phone, Logitech Remote and wireless headphones that all use micro USB
Is there an adaptor for the Galaxy Tab to micro usb?

After a bit of reading any micro usb should be ok
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All micro USB supply approx. 5VDC... Most supply 1 Amp current to charge devices even when in use...  

Occasionally a device will accept a higher "quick charge" current of 2 Amp... Or need it if it is charging while in operation...

So simple answer: Yes they are interchangeable, BUT some devices may need a higher current capacity to charge most efficiently!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You may also need a charger cable that fits the device.

I charge a Velleman HPS140 Oscilloscope and HPG1 Function Generator from a convenient USB outlet on my desktop computer using the supplied adapter and it works fine. These are likely to draw a little more current than some devices.
GaryAuthor Commented:
So are you saying some Micro USB put out 2 amps? Or will take it if it can?

This is specific to micro usb John
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GaryAuthor Commented:
I just read somewhere that in Europe it's mandatory to supply a cross device charging cable now - or maybe I read it wrong.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have used a desktop and two laptops to charge iPhones and to charge electronic instruments. The computers easily handle it.

If a micro USB supply puts out 2 amps, it should charge most things (although not all at once of course).
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Gary, it's not mandatory but there has been an informal agreement (an MoU) in Europe for about 5 years that mobile device suppliers use a common format and standard for power adaptors.  

This was part of Europe's general anti-monopoly approach as the previous trend was devices were coming out with a range of connectors and if you lost yours you needed to get a specific make/model to replace it.  All micro-USB charging connectors and specs are now identical (with the important exception of Apple who continue to argue that their connector is vital to the flexibility of their products - go figure!).  The knock-on effect since the CEPS (Common External Power Supply) was introduced in 2009 is manufacturer's don't want to make region specific changes on their single production line so a Worldwide standard has been introduced as a result of fitting the European marketplace!

As you can imagine I've a load of portable devices with micro-USB - although they all come with cables and chargers I basically have one home charger one work charger and one in the car and then plug in to a PC if I can't get to any of the above.

The only device I ever have a problem with is my iPad Air which will reliably complain if I attach it to a PC that there's not enough current (it might as well say - you appear to have connected me to a non-Apple device, what are you thinking??) otherwise all my charging is via generic components.

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GaryAuthor Commented:
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