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Outlook Signature using VBA

Not sure if this is possible but I thought I would ask. We have different email signatures that we use throughout our company. We want to change these signatures monthly for all users. Is there a way to have it use a specific email signature for a given month? For example if we had SignatureA, SignatureB, and SignatureC and wanted to use SignatureA for January, February, and March. And then SignatureB for April, May, and June. And then SignatureC for the balance of the year. Could this be done in VBA code so the users don't have to remember to switch the signature? Or maybe have a list of the signature names in an Excel file with date ranges and have Outlook look at this file before it sends an email to see which signature to use based on the current date. But something like this would need to be set up on all my users Outlook program.
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The only way I know you could accomplish this by doing this in Outlook is to capture the thisOutlookSession objects event:
Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)

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Make sure there are no default signatures enabled for the account, then append the HTMLBody or Body of the item passed to the event based upon if this is an HTML email or plain text.
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I'm not very tech savvy with VBA so I really wouldn't know where to start with this. Would it make sense to store these signatures in a Word Doc already formatted and then have all the users pull the signature from this file? This way we could change the Word Doc based on what signature we wanted to use.
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Yes that makes sense. I think that's a good solution. I'll set that up and see how it works. Thank you for your help!
You're welcome.