Sort subreport results based on a form option group

Posted on 2014-08-02
Last Modified: 2014-08-07
I have a form that contains an option group.  Then I have a report with a subreport and I want the results of the subreport to sort based on the selection made in the form's option group.  The following code which I have in the subreport's onopen event works fine if I just print preview the subreport.

But if I print preview the report (which contains the subreport) nothing happens.

    If Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 1 Then
        Me.OrderBy = "[CategoryName]"

        ElseIf Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 2 Then
        Me.OrderBy = "[Location]"

        ElseIf Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 3 Then
        Me.OrderBy = "[Room]"

        End If

    Me.Report.OrderByOn = True

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Question by:SteveL13
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    Accepted Solution

    I would recommend saving the sorted query from the AfterUpdate event of the option group, and then use that saved query as the subreport's record source.  The filtered query name would always be the same, but the query would be recreated every time you make a selection from the option group.  Here is some code:
    Private Sub fraChoice_AfterUpdate()
       Dim intChoice As Integer
       Dim strSort As String
       Dim strRecordSource As String
       Dim strSQL As String
       Dim strQuery As String
       Dim lngcount As Long
       intChoice = Nz(Me![fraChoice], 1)
       strSort = Switch(intChoice = 1, "CategoryName", _
          intChoice = 2, "Location", _
          intChoice = 3, "Room")
       'Create SQL and save sorted query
       strRecordSource = "tblCompanyInfo"
       strQuery = "qrySortedInfo"
       strSQL = "SELECT * FROM " & strRecordSource _
          & " ORDER BY [" & strSort & "];"
       Debug.Print "SQL for " & strQuery & ": " & strSQL
       lngcount = CreateAndTestQuery(strQuery, strSQL)
       Debug.Print "No. of items found: " & lngcount
    End Sub
    Public Function CreateAndTestQuery(strTestQuery As String, _
       strTestSQL As String) As Long
    'Created by Helen Feddema 28-Jul-2002
    'Last modified 11-May-2013
    On Error Resume Next
       Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
       Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
       'Delete old query
       CurrentDb.QueryDefs.Delete strTestQuery
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
       'Create new query
       Set qdf = CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef(strTestQuery, strTestSQL)
       'Test whether there are any records
       Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strTestQuery)
       With rst
          CreateAndTestQuery = .RecordCount
       End With
       Exit Function
       If Err.Number = 3021 Then
          CreateAndTestQuery = 0
          Resume ErrorHandlerExit
       MsgBox "Error No: " & Err.Number _
          & " in CreateAndTestQuery procedure; " _
          & "Description: " & Err.Description
       End If
    End Function
    In this example, qrySortedInfo would be the subreport's record source.

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    Assisted Solution

    by:Jeffrey Coachman
    Again (as in your other question) why I sometimes just grab the Reports Recordsouce and sort that ...
    This technique works exactly the same as in my sample db for your previous Q:
    Just change the form code to something like this:

    If Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 1 Then
        pubstrSort = "EmpID"
    ElseIf Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 2 Then
        pubstrSort = "EmpName"

    Author Comment

    I have this in the afterupdate event of the option group:

        If Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 1 Then
            pubstrSort = "Category"
        ElseIf Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 2 Then
            pubstrSort = "Location"
        ElseIf Forms!frmSelect.Frame133.Value = 3 Then
            pubstrSort = "Room"
        End If
        DoCmd.OpenReport "Asset List View Report", acViewPreview, , , acWindowNormal

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    And I have this in the onopen event of the subreport:

    Dim strRecScr As String
        strRecScr = "SELECT * FROM qryAssetListView ORDER BY " & pubstrSort
        Me.RecordSource = strRecScr
    End Sub

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    But it is not working.  I get these two windows popping up:

    Then the report opens but is not sorted by my choice,
    LVL 74

    Expert Comment

    by:Jeffrey Coachman
    Post  a sample db...

    This all worked fine for me in the sample I posted in the db I posted in your previous question.   All I did here was use an option group instead of a combobox...

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