Keyboard issue

I’ve never had a keyboard fail on me but this week two have; or have they?

Sometimes Caps key seems to lock up so I can’t get out of caps; fortunately my editor fixes most Caps and hyphen problems but for long periods of time, when I want this ‘ I get “, or this > when I want this .  It’s working now but at some point, for not apparent reason, I will hit this . and get > and not be able to switch back to this . or this ? instead of this /  

There are times when I can’t selection a single word; I get more than one, or an entire line or the whole paragraph. If I'm trying to select  file I get the same results; blocks of two or three or "all".  I just can't seem release the others.

There are times when the Del key completely fails to delete.

Then; whichever one of these things is happening it mysteriously stops /-:

Could this only be a keyboard thing or something else?  My old keyboard failed completely; nothing happened when I pressed keys; but all the lights were on.  The one I replaced it with came with my comuter and i" (I CAN"T get the hyphan now) """""""""""""""" nothing shifts the key> see>>> no period!  SHIFT IS ACTING UP NOW and I don't think it's sticky keys.

DDDddddDDDDddd  sometimes when the shift light in on I get lower case.
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I'm not sure about this one, seems strange. A couple of things that come to my mind.

Are you absolutely sure youre not inadvertently touching keys by mistake? I was doing this once with my thumb. Can you plug the keyboard into another computer and see if it has the same results? If it doesnt then you know its something with your computer.
Try another usbport and make sure in device manager that there are no errors. Make sure your keyboard settings are set to US standard layout, (if you have a US keyboard).
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Does sound like you've got a slightly different  keyboard layout from your actual selected, however:

Try ruling out your hardware first by using yet another different keyboard!

But also launch Window's On Screen Keyboard (WinKey+R type 'OSK' and Enter). You can use this to do two things.  It will show which keypress Windows is interpreting from your keyboard and, if you have it minimised, you can leave it until the keys start doing weird things and then use your mouse to click on the OSK keys and see if you get the same result as you do from the physical keyboard.  That will help determine if this is hardware or software that's at fault.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
could be virus, scan your computer, if not try to reset the language n function of the computer
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web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Is this a old computer with the PS2 connector (circular end) or is the keyboard a usb keyboard? Definitely the language that the keyboard is set as can have an affect on how the keys are depressed. It could be a bad port on the computer so if it is a usb keyboard as mentioned try another usb port. If the keyboard was not new you can try a third keyboard to ensure that there is not a problem with the keyboard or try one of the non working keyboards on another computer. Or try a computer keyboard that works fine on another computer and try it on this computer.
try updating the driver also
you can also try a system restore to a time it was ok  - maybe an update "fixed" your keyboard
mikecox_Author Commented:
It's a win 7, 64bit computer, with a USB port. I've updated the drivers and I tried a couple recent restore points; didn't dare go back too far, and my tech service screened my system for viruses; and found none.

I have ordered a new keyboard; should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.

At this point I'm convinced it the keyboard.  Yesterday I struggle with a lot of bizarre, and unusual, behavior and tried to take note of what I was doing when the problems stopped.  Finally, after hours of pressing command keys; and finding inconsistent responses I took the flat of my hand and slid it back and forth across the keyboard and things returned to normal, and every time they went haywire again I slid my hand over the keyboard and it stopped.   I know know it's not a single key; I tried pressing all the non alpha/numeric key, one at time and none helped; only when I ran my hands over all the keys did things snap back to normal.

I will come back to this after I install the new keyboard.  

Actually, today, I haven't had the problems I was having yeserday
do you have ESD problems ?
or maybe bad connections, or earthing?
Have you looked in the device manager to see if there is two keyboards listed. Any problem devices?
Also look in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers click on your printer and troubleshoot. Any keyboard software installed from previous?
Just to cover basis if the new one plays up as well.
Wired or wireless all the keyboards you have used?
Desktop Laptop?
Key settings
mikecox_Author Commented:
I think, before I consider all those options I'll wait until my new keyboard arrives.  If this problem continues after installing it I return to them.

In the meantime the problem had only occurred a couple time since starting this thread and I have learned hot to stop it before it gets going.  I simply swipe the palm of my hand across the keys; and it stops!  

I expected my new keyboard yesterday; hope it gets here today!
mikecox_Author Commented:
It turned out to be the keyboard; I"m surprised because it was bran new.  What are the odds of 2 keyboards failing in row?  I've had no problem since I installed the new keyboard.
mikecox_Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The problem was resolved when I replaced the keyboard.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yes, what are the odds ??

Here you go ...
mikecox_Author Commented:
Great trouble shooting tool
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