sound bar speaker- how good is this speaker?

Hi I purchased a sound bar and the brand is Nakamichi and they kept shutting off after 15 minutes of use. So I exchanged them and this set seems good but I wanted to see if the speakers are any good so I took the sound bar apart and I cant see any brand stamped on them, only "JS" stamped on the back. I tried googeling it but couldnt find anything. So I assume this is just a very cheap speaker, would that be correct?

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>>  So I assume this is just a very cheap speaker, would that be correct?

Well, no.  That's the short answer.

It could be a case of another company using the Nakamichi brand name.  See for example.

Nakamichi used to be a respected hifi company, known for it's tape decks.  They have fallen on hard times as CD players killed the tape deck.

Now Nakamichi could have designed the sound bar themselves.

Now what you have there is this so Nakamichi didn't build the speakers but bought from someone else.  They may have designed the box or not.

These could be a good model of speaker.  Or not.  I can't identify the manufacturer from those codes but most likely Chinese.  And the Chinese can build either crappy or excellent stuff depending on what you want and are willing to pay.

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
As dbrunton noted, Nakamichi was a top quality manufacturer of cassette tape decks in the 70's and 80's ... they made some of the finest cassette decks ever made (with prices to match the quality).

Clearly that's no longer one of their lines of business, but they still make a variety of audio equipment ... primarily headphones, speakers, soundbars, and some car audio gear.

Notwithstanding the negative review from Charlie White linked in dbrunton's post, their soundbars are generally well-reviewed, and the specific unit in that review (NK22) gets excellent reviews on Amazon and several other review sites ... so it's possible (perhaps even likely) that the unit Charlie White received had a defective audio processor, which would account for the delay he noted between the subwoofer and sound bar outputs (or perhaps there's a reverb setting he didn't have set correctly -- there IS a delay setting in the signal processor).

While clearly they're not as high-end as they once were; I don't think Nakamichi uses poor quality components, so I suspect the speaker you asked about it fine.    It sounds like you received a defective unit; but they apparently replaced it with a good one, so all should be fine.      Is the sound quality not as good as you'd hoped?
hydrive1902Author Commented:
thanks everyone! They sound better then "desktop" speakers but I also got a used LG sound bar on display, and that one sounds much better then the Nakamichi  sound bar.
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