Changing the Weight and Priority of a Domain Controller problem

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       I have a problem after modified the weight from DNS, see below screenshot, i have modified the weight from 100 to 200 for HK-DC4, after sometime when i look back, it has two records for weight 100 & 200 appeared, and it sync to all DC as well , i tried to removed the record for weight 100 for hk-dc2 on all DC, but it will appear for this record weight 100 again, anyway i can completely remove the weight 100 record ? and at first i changed the record weight 100 to 200 on the dc where has all FSMO running, am i doing it wrongly ?


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I think you have modified those records manually in DNS console, hence the SRV records with default weight has got created again in addition to custom weight in DNS with netlogon refresh \ restart
To do what you are trying to do, 1st you need to remove custom weight SRV records from PDC server and let it allow to replicate to all DCs
Then restart netlogon service and ensure that those custom records are vanished from DNS and then use registry method mentioned in 1st comment to deploy custom weight \ priority
Check below article for step by step
The proper method to do that through registry
Changing the weight of a domain controller to a value less than that of other domain controllers reduces the number of clients that Domain Name System (DNS) refers to that domain controller. This value is stored in the LdapSrvWeight registry entry. The default value is 100, but it can range from 0 through 65535. When you lower this value on a domain controller, DNS refers clients to that domain controller less frequently based on the proportion of this value to the value on other domain controllers. For example, to configure the system so that the domain controller that hosts the PDC emulator role receives requests only half as many times as other domain controllers, configure the weight of the domain controller that host the PDC emulator role to be 50. Assuming that other domain controllers use the default weight value of 100

To prevent clients from sending all requests to a single domain controller, the domain controllers are assigned a priority value. This value is stored in the LdapSrvPriority registry entry. The default value is 0, but it can range from 0 through 65535
Lower the value, higher the priority

Printed from base article:

Use below articles to
Change the Weight for DNS Service (SRV) Resource Records in the Registry

Change the Priority for DNS Service (SRV) Resource Records in the Registry
piaakitAuthor Commented:

 I have tried to remove the modify weight records from PDC server, and restart the netlogon services, and for the PDC is no longer have the duplicate record anymore, but for the rest of the DC, the modified weight record still appear in there, do I need to modify and correct back the other PDC record and restart the netlogon services ?
If those records gone from PDC, ideally it should get removed from other DCs as well

Have you tried to force AD replication ?

If modified records are still on other DCs, you need to remove them manually and restart the netlogon service
I hope DC count is not much

Then you can modify registry on PDC if wanted to modify weight and priority
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