IOMEGA IX4-200d - How to add Multiple iSCSi Initiator Sessions


I have an Iomega ix4-200d storage device.  I carved out 1 TB under the iSCSi section.  I add the Target Device IP in the iSCSi Initiator on a Windows 7 machine for example and it adds the 1 TB of storage from the IOMEGA.  I have to format the 1 TB in the Device Manager Storage Section, and it then is able to add an extra 1 TB to my computer.  I add a couple files to this new 1 TB location.

Now when I'm on another computer (different Windows 7), I open the iSCSi Initiator and add the Target Device IP of the IOMEGA to be able to connect to the 1 TB of storage from the IOMEGA.  It adds successfully and I can see the content inside that was initially added from the first windows 7 machine.

Now here's my issue, when I try to add something new to the 1 TB storage from the IOMEGA on lets say the first windows 7 machine, it adds the content successfully.  But when I go over to the second windows 7 machine and check the content of the 1 TB storage from the IOMEGA it doesn't show the new content.

It's like it's not updating on each side.

Are there certain settings in the iSCSi Initiator section that have to be configured so that 2 windows 7 machines for example can connect to the 1 TB IOMEGA Storage at the same time with everything updating?

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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
Are you using this setup for file share storage between 2 computers?
iSCSI target is not the right option.
You need to create a share on storage and access it using \\ixstorage\foldername and map it as a network drive on both machines.

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LumiousAuthor Commented:

I'm guessing you aren't able to have multiple connections to the iSCSi target so that everything updates accordingly?

So the better option would be to create a shared folder on the storage device and map that as a network drive on both machines?

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