Can the restart queries one is asked about when a server is rebooted be retrieved? If so, how?

Every time a server is rebooted, a dialogue box asks for a reason.  Is there a way to review these?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
The restart and the reason is recorded in the system event log. You can simply open the event viewer and filter on event ID.
Still LearningAuthor Commented:
Cliff, you are technically correct, and if that is the only place they are recorded I'm no closer than I thought I was and will end up giving you the points just for being helpful.  I was hoping there was a more precise way built in.  For instance, on one server I just looked at as an example, I have four different Event ID's that I would have to filter through when I searched through events for "reboot" - and I might have missed a few at that.  I was hoping... but thank you for responding so quickly!
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Powershell can do it for you.  Below are tow links which I used in the past but now I don't use as I use SolarWinds:

Easiest way too know if server rebooted is to look for Event Log start
Sitaram PamarthiCommented:
AFAIK, event log is the only source to find such information. But instead of searching for the word reboot, I prefer you look for events from the source "USER32". The events from this source contains information related to the reboot. If it is user initiated reboot, you will see the reason specified there(what ever you enter at shutdown tracker window). In case of Crash reboots, the server will prompt for entering the reboot after the first user logins to the server. This is also recorded in the events with the source "USER32".

Refer these for more information:

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Still LearningAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all three of you for your responses - my apologies for not getting this closed sooner.  All three of you were completely correct - Cliff was quick, Sitaram's answer included probably the simpler, more direct way to reach the answer.  I love Power Shell so that is probably the one but not everyone would agree.  All in all, I just can't divide my measly 200 equally by 3 without a decimal, and I don't think we can use decimal in awarding points.  In the end, I found myself thinking too hard so I had to go somewhere... thank you so much for taking the time to help me out here!  Hopefully this will help someone else out, too!
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