EMC VNX RAW Capacity

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Dear Exports,

I'm trying to find the RAW Capacity of our VNX.
I can see the Pools capacity via Storage Pools Summary - Storage - Storage Config - Storage Pools, but I want to see Totals together for RAW and Usage able (including all Pools and CIFs)

If it is even possible
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Its, easy just count the number of disks and multiply by their capacity!

does this help? https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-33116
From memory, Unisphere doesn't tell you the raw capacity as its not a terribly important number. You can derive it from the reporting tools that show you what drives you have and their capacity - then as Gerald notes, you multiply them
Out to get raw storage. Or of you're feeling lazy, divide your useable capacity by 2/3 as that's the average raw to useable ratio that I see on VMX arrays.
Doesnt Watch4net cost a bomb?

I was going to add the disks, but thought it would be able to tell me from the Unisphere GUI itself. How poor is that!...

So I guess there is no summary page that tells you the whole array on RAW and Usable (adding all the pools together)...
Any good free monitoring/reporting tools out there?
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I'm curious as to why you care what the raw storage is? It's a largely  irrelevant number as you can't store anything there.

The pie chart on the home page shows you allocated, unallocated and available space - those *are* important numbers.

Solar Winds has some good monitoring tools that are worth taking a look at.
@duncan, that was my feeling, whatever the RAW capacity, its irrelevant. EMC probably don't make it easy to find out as that would show off how bad the utilisation is!

@jack, make sure you dont get caught in the 1000x1000, 1024x1024 trap when comparing numbers (approx 7% different)
Dont need it now, but I wanted to know what the storage of the whole array was


Dont need it now, but I wanted to know what the storage of the whole array was

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