Help with Website iFrame Scrollbar Issue!!

Can someone please go to my site HERE and tell me why all of a sudden there are visible scrollbars on the iframe?  These scrollbars weren't here a few months ago.  They don't show in IE8 but I'm seeing them in Chrome and Firefox.
Whatever happened is also causing the page to display improperly on the iOS7 Safari browser (iPhone 4/5).
I know the site wasn't assembled in the most professional manner but I have no experience in web design and did what I could.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Well I don't know what the layout was before but you could add to the iframe

Looks like the property title has something to do with it since it flows over two lines.
Do you have control over the iframe src? Though I don't know what the point of the iframe is - why not just include the properties in the page to start with?

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homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
You're going to have to talk to me like I'm a beginner...because I'm a beginner ;)
We didn't change any actual code.  I don't know if Firefox and/or Chrome made some minor updates over the last few months that may have thrown something off.

The page was setup in HTML5.
The scrolling="no" gives me a message stating it's not supported in HTML5 but I just tested it and it seems to work fine.
I'd hate to duct tape the website but if putting this snippet in fixes the issue for now, so be it.
I appreciate the help!
It may not be valid HTML5 but it's the only cross browser way to get rid of the scrollbars.

Would be better to just get rid of the iframe and add the content directly to your active_projects.html page
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homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Yeah I don't know what I was thinking.
I might just go ahead and do that like I did for the "completed projects" page.
Or change the css for the ifram to this

height: 665px;
width: 103%;
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Son of a ...

It looks like it works when I make the change on my computer but when I upload it to the web it still shows the scrollbars...
What element am I supposed to change to 665px and 103%?
The iframe width/height - it's more an hack as it pushes the iframe left a bit.
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