Hyper-V VM vlan id on different clusters


I have hit a problem with using VLAN IDs on Hyper-V VM's.

We have two physical locations and each location has a Hyper-V cluster. These locations are linked by a 1Gb connection. We are running a spanned ip subnet across these sites and this spanned subnet is using the VLAN ID 4094. Ethernet switches have full connectivity to all devices on the 4094 network in both locations. Hyper-V hosts have full connectivity to all devices on 4094. Hyper-V hosts are connected to trunk ports that allow 4094

However my problem is, i have a VM in each site on Hyper-V that has 4094 specified in the network adapter settings of the VM. The VM in location 1 can see all devices on the 4094 VLAN except the Hyper-V based VM in location 2 and likewise the VM in location 2 can see all devices on 4094 except the VM in location 1.

Anybody know if VM's on different clusters cannot use the same vlan id?

Many Thanks
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes, they can. VLAN tagging happens purely at layer 2 and neither knows nor cares. I have this working in several places and with hyper-v replica, it isn't even uncommon. You have something else going on. Either a port not configured for trucking or 802.1q or some other configuration that is mangling the tagged headers.

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hbg-uk-ltdAuthor Commented:
Managed to find my problem.

I went though the configs of all switches involved in the path. These were all configured correctly. The hosts in each location could ping every device on the 4094 vlan.

I then looked at the Load Balancing Mode on my NIC team, this was set to Address hash. Given that this is a Hyper-V host i changed all members of both clusters to have the Balancing Mode to be Hyper-V Port.

This sorted my issue.

Thanks for helping out Cliff
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