Replicate Textpad's file format setting

I've written a C# program to process a file.  It only works if I open the file in textpad and go to save as.  There are two options at the bottom of the dialogue.  They are file format and encoding.  I must change the file format from "no change" to "PC".  
What's the difference between the two formats?
How can I achieve this programmatically?
I'm using C# for windows programming with visual studio 2008.
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Luis PérezSoftware Architect in .NetCommented:
When your program doesn't work, is it throwing any exception? If so, can you post that?
AlHal2Author Commented:
It's inputting the first line and ignoring subsequent lines.  I opened the input file in hexedit.  It seems like the lines are ending with characters 13,10,13 instead of 13,10.
13=carriage return.  10= line feed.
Luis PérezSoftware Architect in .NetCommented:
Can you attach both files, one of them "as is" and another one saved in TextPad? So I can see the differences between them and see if there's any way in .Net to replicate that...
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AlHal2Author Commented:
Please take a look.
AlHal2Author Commented:
Please ignore rawfileaftertexpad.txt.
Compare rawfile.txt with rawfileaftertextpad2.txt which I'm just attaching.  Sorry for the confusion.
AlHal2Author Commented:
Please let me know if anything is unclear.
Luis PérezSoftware Architect in .NetCommented:
Ok, after deep looking at both files, I've seen what's the difference. The first one uses the Macintosh style for line breaks, which is the contatenation of Carriage Return + Carriage Return + Line Feed (ascii characters 13+13+10); the second one uses the Dos/Windows style, which is only Carriage Return + Line Feed (ascii 13+10).

You can use this simple function to convert one file from Mac style to Windows style (it uses the System.IO namespace):

private void convertMacToWindows(string fileName)
    string macText = File.ReadAllText(fileName);
    string macNewline = ((char)13).ToString() + ((char)13).ToString() + ((char)10).ToString();
    string pcNewline = ((char)13).ToString() + ((char)10).ToString();
    string pcText = macText.Replace(macNewline, pcNewline);
    File.WriteAllText(fileName, pcText);

Open in new window

Please, try it and tell me if it works now.

Hope that helps.

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