log4net.dll' targets a different processor than the application.

When I build a solution in C# in Visual Studio 2012 I get a warning :
Referenced assembly 'C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_64\log4net\\log4net.dll' targets a different processor than the application.

Is there some way around this?

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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
From the path (GAC_64) we can conclude that your dll is a 64-bit version. Either you need to make your app 64-bit, i.e. change your target CPU to x64 or else get a 32-bit version of log4net.
To change "target CPU" go to Project Properties, go to Compile tab , click Advanced Compile Option, then set your target CPU to x64.
Note: By default target CPU="Any CPU"
machine_runAuthor Commented:
Ali AliProject ManagerCommented:
My question is incase I select x64, can I install on PC that has 32bit OS? "The software that I developed"
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