How to get the connection string depending upon the url parameter passed in c#,


I am having ItemList Application. This application is used by 20 applications and each of them have separate database. From each 20 applications, I want to open the ItemList application and value is inserted in the corresponding database.

ItemList application is not having its own database. ItemList is using the database depending upon the application called.

 <A href="ItemList/Login.aspx?AppID=CallApp" target="_self">ItemList</A>

How this can be achieved?
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Easwaran ParamasivamCommented:
All the 20 applications connection strings could be either saved in config file or in database. Say for example in config file use different keys in <appsettings> section.

<appsetting key="App1"  value="ConnectionString1">

Likewise if you want in database

ID Value
App1 ConnnectionString1

Then read the value from the config value or from DB and use accordingly.

You have some other options as well. Store the connection strings in XML file and read the XML file and store it in dictionary object or Cache. So that you could read from there at ease.  This is applicable if the connection strings are not subject to frequent change.


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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Is the whole connection string different, or is it just the database name?

If it's just the database name, you could store a parameterised connection in the config file and simply substitute the database name at runtime:
// example config file
    <add name="AppConnection" connectionString="Server=SomeServer;Initial Catalog={0};User ID=blah;PWD=blah;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

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Then in code:
string appName = "CallApp";
string connectionString = string.Format(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AppConnection"], appName);

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Of course you wouldn't really want to be passing database names around in visible code, so a table of pseudonyms for application/database name pairs would be appropriate.
Saroj13Author Commented:
ItemList application is ued by 20 applications. Each 20 application is having corresponding Database.

<A href="ItemList/Login.aspx?AppID=App1" target="_self">ItemList</A>
App1 is having Database App1. App1 Database is having 3 corresponding ItemList tables.

<A href="ItemList/Login.aspx?AppID=App2" target="_self">ItemList</A>
App2 is having Database App2. App2 Database is having 3 corresponding ItemList  tables.

ItemList application, depending upon the Parameter passed in the url, use the corresponding database. If Itemlist app is open from App1 application, then Itemlist app uses App1 Database.

If Itemlist app is open from App2 application, then Itemlist app uses App2 Database.

ItemList is the generic application.

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