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How to split the SharePoint Document Library Column using SharePoint Designer Workflow

I am trying to split a string which is stored in a SharePoint2013 document library and I want to loop through this and put the document in to separate library based on the split value.


List A(Document Library) - has the column called Candidates which has the values like (101,102,103) with some document attached to the list. Now I want to split that Candidate column and insert each value in to different library with the corresponding document.
Maheshkumar K
Maheshkumar K
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1 Solution
Download it to Excel, process it there, then create a new list from your Excel document.
Here is an example using Office 365 http://blog.blksthl.com/2014/01/15/office-365-guide-series-create-a-new-list-from-an-excel-spreadsheet/
Maheshkumar KAuthor Commented:
Hi Colly,

I am not sure about the solution what you have given. Let me brief the problem again.

I have  2 document library, 1 Document Library has the pdf file uploaded with few metadata for eg.

Document Name      BUID                      Cust Name
document1      101,102,103,104      abz

I want the above item inserted into another library like below:

Document Name      BUID      Cust Name
document1.pdf      101      abz
document1.pdf      102      abz
document1.pdf      103      abz
document1.pdf      104      abz

All these need to be done using SPD 2013 Workflow.
Have a look here and learn how to build a workflow, its not hard but there is a lot to do:

If you want this to happen automatically when a document is added to library 1, then you could also use an event receiver rather than a workflow.  If you know c#/visual studio then this is actually probably easier to do than building a workflow.  Here is a simple example to get you started: http://onceinawhilescribble.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/creating-simple-event-receiver-in.html
Maheshkumar KAuthor Commented:
Thanks Colly. I have implemented this using the Event Listener. But I am interested to achieve this using SPD Workflow

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