invalid row number

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when executing the following code, I get an error from the datagrid:

            esql2 = "select * from tblOrgMonthlyFunds where Inkind = 0"
            rec2.Open (esql2), conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
            rec2!MonthlyID = MonthlyID
            rec2!AgencyID = AgencyID
            rec2!Program = Combo1
            rec2!Description = Text2
            rec2!Inkind = 0
            rec2!GrossAmount = Text3
            rec2!NetAmount = Text4
            rec2!InKindAmount = 0
            Set OrgMR2.DataGrid2.DataSource = rec2
            DataGrid2.Columns(0).Width = 0
            DataGrid2.Columns(1).Width = 0
            DataGrid2.Columns(2).Width = 0
            DataGrid2.Columns(8).Width = 0

Text2 = ""
Text3 = ""
Text4 = ""

SumTotal = 0
For i = 0 To DataGrid2.ApproxCount - 1
SumTotal = SumTotal + DataGrid2.Columns(7).CellValue(DataGrid2.GetBookmark(i))
NetTotal = SumTotal

SumTotal = 0
For i = 0 To DataGrid2.ApproxCount - 1
SumTotal = SumTotal + DataGrid2.Columns(6).CellValue(DataGrid2.GetBookmark(i))
GrossTotal = SumTotal

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The error is "invalid row number" and it occurs on line 32

Any ideas why this is happening?
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Did you check the value of DataGrid2.GetBookmark(i)) when executing?
I bet that's where teh solution will be


i = 1. During the error.  I don't see where the error is
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- GetBookmark Method Returns a value containing a bookmark for a row relative to the current row in a DataGrid control.
DataGrid2.GetBookmark(1) - Returns bookmark of the row following current row.
- Furthermore getting the ApproxCount property will query the underlying data source.

Therefore it is better to iterate through underlying recordset.

Dim oRs As ADODB.Recordset
Set oRs = Me.DataGrid2.DataSource

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