How can I recover the file partition from a 2tb drive

I am in dire need of your help. Not ten minutes ago , I lost access to my brand new 2 TB drive. I have all of my data on it. this is what I did. I bought this drive to upgrade from a 1.5 TB drive and successfully cloned the 1.5 TB drive to the 2.0 TB drive. I have been using the 2.0 TB drive for about three weeks without any problems. Both the 1.5 and the 2.0 TB drives were mounted on external sata enclosures. today, I wanted to format the 1.5 TB because I was satisfied that the 2.0 TB was stable. What happened next will astound you. I properly ejected the working 2.0 Tb drive from the windows open devices and printer icon on the far right corner of my screen. I always properly eject and wait 60 seconds before I turn off the external enclosure. After the 60 second wait period , i mounted the 1.5 TB into the external enclosure (it can handle two HDD's). Now both drives were mounted and I turned the external enclosure on. To my surprise and utter dismay both drives came up with drive letters F: and G: respectively,but I couldn't get into the drive via explorer. The error I received from both drives is that they were both unreadable and corrupt. I pooped myself. I got on line and looked for a solution. I found that all I had to do is go to the dos prompt and perform a chkdsk    /f f: and then I had to go to the security tab and take ownership of the drive and viola , the 1.5 TB came up and I can access all my data again. Since the same condition exist with the 2.0 TB drive , I performed the same task but the chkdsk failed promptly with the following error:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>chkdsk /f g:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
The first NTFS boot sector is unreadable or corrupt.
Reading second NTFS boot sector instead.
Unable to determine volume version and state.  CHKDSK aborted.


I am concerned, as I have added three weeks of data to this drive, so it would be nice to get it back. I believe to be as simple as fixing the mbr, but I will take your advise in trying to get my drive back. If the 1.5 came up , why not the 2.0. Is it because the 2.0 drive is hitting the limit of NTFS and needs to be formated as GPT?? I don't know. Please advise.
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You mean you took the risk to loose 3 weeks of work? 3 weeks no backup? You can't be serious.
It will be hard to find out what went wrong, normally, up to 2 TB, MBR is okay but GPT won't hurt.
Before anything else, please try to connect that drive directly, without the enclosure in between.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
is the drive still spinning, if not the data can still be retrieved.
just follow this link, it saved my behind one too many times.
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
does Photrec recover only photos?
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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
no files also
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:

I was going to comment on your witty sarcasm,but alas I cannot do that and praise you in the same breath. You saved the day. I put the drive into a computer and all the data is there. However, I am still perplexed that the drive enclosure is not reliable. In fact , I put it in three other drive enclosures with the same result ( unreadable and corrupt).
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> I put it in three other drive enclosures with the same result ( unreadable and corrupt).

Unlikely that all three enclosures are bad. Is there a common item? Same cable? Same port on the PC? Same controller? There's likely a common component that is the culprit, causing all three enclosures to fail. Regards, Joe
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
I would agree, but there is no common component other than each enclosure is over three years old. However, keep in mind that all three enclosures are still up and running with each of them having a 1tb drive in them right now, so yes, they all have separate cables and are plugged into separate ports on the pc.
Ok, never mind the sarcasm, I didn't mean to be sarcastic.
Computers are soo weird, so many strange things happen from time to time, it was just a try to get out some complexity by removing the enclosures that luckily worked.
I have a drive enclosure that supports 2 drives & have had problems reading certain drives also. So this isn't a rare thing. If this happens I will always disconnect my CD drive & connect the the HDD from the enclosure to the CD's sata cable & restart. It always comes up fine & I have access to the drive.

Another suggestion would be if you have problems with the enclosure finding a drive, leave the enclosure on & reboot. This would seem to be unnecessary, but it corrected this problem a couple of times for me.
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