Why do applications lose printer settings on remote desktop?

I am currently having major problems with redirected USB printers on Windows Server 2012 R2 loosing there settings within applications.

We have multiple thin clients connecting to RDS 2012 R2 server, with the thin clients each having a serial and USB printer. We had major speed issues with the USB printers on initial testings so have disabled the easy print driver with policy and have installed matched drivers on both the thin clients and the server.

The problem is that if the thin clients log off the server and log back in they are allocated a different session ID and the redirected printer is remapped with the name 'Printer (redirected 1)'. When this happened the business software used looses all it's settings for the USB printer and the application has to be reconfigured by hand. If the client logs off and gets the same session ID then printer settings are maintained.

I have tried numerous methods to maintain the settings and have so far failed, they include:

[1] Using RenPrinters 3.3 trial from http://www.babbage-tech.com/products/renprinters/3/ to rename the redirected printers and remove the '(redirected ID)' from the printer name so that the printer name is consistent. The application settings were lost on new session ID.

[2] Creating a manual printer on the server and using powershell to read the port of the redirected printer and and map the port on the manually created printer to the port of the redirected printer. With a consistent printer name and port mapped to the redirected port the printer settings were lost on gaining a new session ID.

[3] Using powershell to map the redirected printer port to a to a standard port number every time. I have not managed to get this to work as changed to the redirected printer properties are denied access to administrators.

Is there anyway to maintain the redirected USB printer settings, either by keeping the session ID consistent or by scripting to keep the redirected printer consistent enough for the applications to not drop the settings ?
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The printers do not lose settings. It's your application that does lose it's values for the printer because it seems to save them per printer queue name. I would contact their support.
RowlandITDAuthor Commented:
I have solved the issue by bonding the thin client connected USB printer to the server LPT2 using a powershell script on startup.

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RowlandITDAuthor Commented:
Solution was not provided so worked through the issue manually to find solution.
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