User account disabled......but not....SBS2011


I have a issue with one of the reception computers (reception2) in that when i try and access the Server (\\server) it tells me that I do not have permission and that the account is disabled?!? This has been working fine until today.

Checked the Server users and groups and all accounts are enabled.

Logged in as another user (reception1) on the trouble computer and works fine.

Deleted the user (reception2) and created again but still same issue.

Server SBS2011
Client Windows 7

Any ideas?
Keith OwenAsked:
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Check the status of the computer domain account on the server. If it's been disabled or has become corrupted then you are going to have issues...
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Have you tested the user account on another machine?

I suggested check the computer account. If that looks fine then I would suggest removing the PC from the domain and then re-adding via Connect Wizard.
Keith OwenAuthor Commented:
All seems ok, not been disabled, I even disabled it and enabled it again , is they a way to tell if its been corrupted?
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Keith OwenAuthor Commented:
Ah forgot to mention that I have taken off the domain and put back on with no issues, sorry about that.

I have not yet tried that user on another computer, will give that a shot and let you know
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Can you post a screenshot of the error if possible as well?

Any errors/warning in the event logs?  Anything interesting in the security event log on the SBS?
When you deleted the user, did you do this on the local machine or on the server? It needs to be done on both as otherwise conflicts will arise - an example of Bill Gates' notorious "unexpected results"!
Adam RayCommented:
In addition to the screen shot of the error, open a command prompt (on the server) and run the following command

net user reception2

A portion of the output should resemble the sample below. Double check it for restrictions (e.g. Account active, expired, password expired, must change password, logon hours, etc.) -- You can also check (and modify) these settings from dsa.msc, but the command prompt is a quick way to output the settings. (And it never hurts to confirm the info outputted in "net user" matches what it shows in the dsa.msc GUI.--I've never seem a discrepancy before, but if there is some unusual corruption...)

**Note: In a perfect world the "account is disabled" error message wouldn't be generated if the logon is being rejected for one of the other reasons. But no all kinds of logon attempts are "smart" enough to display the actual reason. (Probably why people above talked about checking the audit logs on the server.)


Account active               Yes
Account expires              Never

Password last set            8/5/2014 2:31:49 AM
Password expires             9/16/2014 2:31:49 AM
Password changeable          8/5/2014 2:31:49 AM
Password required            Yes
User may change password     Yes

Workstations allowed         All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory
Last logon                   8/5/2014 9:04:13 AM

Logon hours allowed          All
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
This happened once to me  b4, it drove me nuts, however calm down, find the user drill down to properties, u have to unblock the user, then enable the account, the account is enable but the user is still blocked get it.
Keith OwenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response guys, just thought I would update.....

The last thing I tried was to login to another computer with the problem user which worked fine.

Since then I have had not had a issue with the computer or the user, it worked fine all afternoon yesterday and is working fine this morning........

Maybe a intermittent fault I do not know

I guess this is the joys of working with computers!
Keith OwenAuthor Commented:
Ok this problem did not go away.

I decided to attend site and change the network card last Friday and since then I have had no issues with this computer.

Fingers crossed this has solved the issue.

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Keith OwenAuthor Commented:
Did some more troubleshooting and found the issue myself.
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