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Hi there, I have a list of machines in a CSV and i'd like to import the CSV into powershell and then add a column with a list of last logon dates from Active Directory for these machines and output to a new file. Is this possible?

Thanks so much!
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Here is a step by step tutorial for what you are asking for with visual aids and code :)
Get Active Directory user account last logged on time (PowerShell)


Hi there, thats for user accounts :( Please assist with this, i tried importing them using that link but it said they all didn't exist even though they do. Thanks
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Assuming your .CSV looks like this.

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Tip for the future - if you only have one column, leave out the header and just have a simple text file rather than a .CSV.

This should work.
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import-CSV input.csv | ForEach `
    Get-ADComputer $ -Properties LastLogonDate
} | Select Name,LastLogonDate |
 Export-CSV output.csv -notype

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