Network Accounts are Unavailable message on MacBook Airs at boot up

I am trying to get some Macbook Airs to have wireless connectivity prior to users logging in so as to allow network authentication.  Is there a way to set up the Macbook preferences to make this happen?
We have WPA2 Personal and the Macbooks are bound to Active Directory.
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BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
Key Points:
The New Macbooks are Macbook air purchased two weeks ago run 10.94
The Keychain is present in system keychain for the desired airport connection.
Unbinding and Rebinding has been done
Wireless works if you log in as local admin
Our older Macbooks are Unibody and run 10.68
These older Macbooks work and have no problems with the wireless being available at Login.
It's been awhile since I've tried wireless Mac on an AD network, but I think if you make the wireless connection to be the default and then the user waits a bit, the system will find AD and allow the user to log on.  Even wired, I've occasionally seen a message on the login screen that says no network resources are available - or something like that - and after a few seconds that goes away and it's connected to AD.

I just tried it on a MacBook Air that I have at work that is running 10.9 and pretty much what I said is what happened and I was able to log on with a test user who'd not been on this Mac before.

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BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
I have figured it out. The latest version of Mac OS has an authentication piece called Captive Portal where the Macbook attempts to phone home. We have a Barracuda Web Filter which requires authentication and I had to set an exception rule for to permit that handshake. I set a domain exception simply out of ease and the fact that there is not any malicious or bad content on which needs monitoring.
BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
Awarding you the points, but graded you with a B simply because you did not provide any further insights or resources.
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