How can I find out how my WPF usercontrol is being highlighted?

I am a contractor and still relatively new to WPF.  At my new contract I am working on a MVVM windows App using Prism.  After loading my my controls in my "MainRegion" they highlight (change background color) on mouse over.  I have searched hi and low for the code that is doing this and have not found it.  

This code base does have a FormDictionary in it that is referenced in my base View and in the ContentControl referenced Views I have placed on the base View.  The ContentControl referenced views are of type UserControl.
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Can't you override "Mouseover" event for that control ?

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BruceAuthor Commented:
Since I posted this I have discovered that my usercontrol is being "contained" within a DevExpress NavBarItem.  My co-workers have pointed me in that direction to find the culprit property.

I appreciate the DevEx controls but I've not found it easy to find things in their documentation.  Apparently this is a default behavior for this control but I can't find documentation on that either.

Any thoughts given this new info?
Doesn't this control allows you to have custom template ? or edit its template and triggers for mouse over event ?
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