Apache/PHP: "function not defined" even after properly loading extension

I have a piece of vendor php code that requires the http_parse_message() function.
I look up the function and it is part of the PECL HTTP extension:
So I install PECL and its dependencies, as well as the HTTP extension and its dependencies.

I am loading http as well as extensions listed as dependencies (have tried in php.ini, as well as a custom php.d/zhttp.ini):
extension = http.so
(I named it zhttp.ini so it is loaded after json.ini or I will get a json function error when http.so tries to load)
I also have tried inserting configuration info in the zhttp.ini I created:

I have the pecl HTTP extension loaded and displaying the proper version using phpinfo:
HTTP Support      enabled
Extension Version      2.0.7
Used Library      Compiled      Linked
libz      1.2.3      1.2.3
libcurl      7.19.7      7.19.7
libevent      disabled      disabled
Directive      Local Value      Master Value
http.etag.mode      crc32b      crc32b
But the page is still broken and this is in the error log:
cat /var/log/httpd/error_log
[Sun Aug 03 20:45:26 2014] [client 171.71.x.71] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function http_parse_message() in /var/www/web-portal/includes/txx_trusted.php on line 35
I do not think this is an apache issue because I get the same error if I try to run a php script containing it from the prompt.

So if the extension shows loaded and the proper version why is the function still missing from php?
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mmgibso29Author Commented:
Looks like the PECL HTTP 2.x is completely incompatible with the 1.x functions.  I downgraded to the latest in the 1.x code tree and fixed the issue

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