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Hello Experts,

I'm trying to find out if a vendor is pulling a fast one or not.   We are going to start doing some "cube" reporting with this 3rd party vendor and they are pushing us to buy the Business Intelligence edition and not the Standard one.  

We are a two hundred employee company, manufacturing and agriculture as our primary functions,  Our database is about 50GB.   The 3rd Party is Targit ( .

The biggest advantage they are stating is that there's a savings of 10 to 15 minutes on Parallel processing on cubes.

What do you think?
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There are definite differences between SQL Server editions, products I work with require Enterprise edition and we won't support them unless on that edition. (Fundamentally this stance is about performance.)

Here's a table of edition differences as an example, you can see quite a number of features in the BI edition not in standard edition.

I'm not familiar with the BI edition, or that specific speed benefit, but I would have no reason to doubt such a benefit exists, although its healthy to be skeptical.  Do they have a white paper or something similar regarding the claimed benefit? Have you asked for "proof"?

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