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I have a programmer who is telling me something which doesn't seem to make sense so thought I would ask here.

He is putting together a graph which will shows events in the form of hh/mm/ss.
If he sets the Y axis to seconds, then minutes and hours hit the top of the graph.
If he sets the Y axis to minutes, then the seconds get smaller and hours still hit the top of the graph.
If he sets the Y axis to hours, then seconds barely show and unless there are enough minutes, they barely show either.

He tells me we have to make a decision on what to show but that seems to make no sense to me. Instead, I feel we should have a Y axis which is dynamic, adjusting as needed.

After I said this, he told he that we do have a dynamic Y axis yet keeps telling me that because of the data, we cannot get it all into one graph.

Makes no sense to me.

Also, is java supposed to be installed on the server in order to see graphs? And if so, what needs to be installed on a Centos 6.5 server to see them.

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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Your assessment make sense.
I would suggest to Limit the y axis .. For example .. Top 10, 5 span median, or 10 span mean..
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Java is platform independent ..for the most part.
projectsAuthor Commented:
I have this working on both servers now so that is not part of the question anymore.

As for the Y axis, the problem is that seconds barely show while minutes and hours end up showing simply long bars which hit the top of the graph, very useless.

I do not understand your reply.
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Ok misunderstood.. Sorry.

In that case you could set the y axis to your max result + 10%.. So that the bar doesn't reach the top.

Otherwise, ..what you're dealing with is a large difference in the values you are trying to display.. therefore some bars would be barely visible while others are large... in this case I would recommend using a zoomable chart you can zoom in and out, or implement a zoom function yourself.. which may be able to be accomplished by simply lowering the max of the Y axis to "zoom out" on your data.  Which charting control are you using?
projectsAuthor Commented:
In the test that we are using, it is a chart of time averages on various events. The events could be from a couple of seconds to hours in length.

He has the Y axis set to 1000 seconds so times which are a few seconds barely show while some which are much longer than 1000 seconds hit the top and hours of course simply show a solid line to the top.

It seems ridiculous to me that we cannot chart this properly, so that as one pans back and forth, that the Y axis should adjust itself accordingly.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Right which is why I suggest having the ability to zoom the y axis "maximum" dynamically from seconds to minutes..
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
You might also consider dividing the data into datasets where your events are greater than 60 seconds, and less than 60 seconds.  Basically one chart for process that take a minute or longer, and those that take less than a minute.

Putting data that varies greatly into bar charts is always going to behave the way you describe, unless you change the units and/or max of the Y axis, or divide the data into groups of value ranges to yeild a more normalized view.

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projectsAuthor Commented:
>Right which is why I suggest having the ability to zoom the y axis "maximum"
>dynamically from seconds to minutes..

Can you expand on this a little so I can give feedback to the programmer. We ended up having to create seconds/minutes/hours options but that is rather useless when needing to see averages over time.
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