ACL implementation

I have 2 subnets one is for PC the other is for Printers. I have an ACL that allows traffic to go from the PC vlan/subnet to the printer vlan/subnet. Do i need another ACL to allow traffic back from the printers to the printers. I believe on one ACL should suffice.
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It completely depends on why are you using ACLs. If you are doing things for security I would only allow the appropriate traffic from your print servers to the printers, as well as any management/configuration traffic you want to allow. I would block traffic form the printer VLAN except from whatever is required to print or for management. The software in printers isn't known to be very secure and it rarely gets updated, so it would be best if a hacked printer can't hack the rest of your network and get back out to the Internet.
SydNal2009Author Commented:
Thanks, for the response.
Also, what is an ingress ACL and egress ACL?
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
ingress is for incoming traffic, egress is for outgoing traffic.
Ingress traffic is entering an interface, and egress traffic is traffic that leaves the interface. Let me try to give you more specific example. If you want to control the traffic that can leave your printers' VLAN, the easiest way to do that is control the traffic that ENTERS the router from the printer VLAN, that is, you would use an ingress filter on the printers' VLAN. If you had many VLANS and you want to limit which ones can communicate with your printers, you may want to put an egress ACL on the printers VLAN to allow traffic from just specific host/networks and block everything else. It is easier to put an egress ACL on the printers' VLAN than an ingress ACL on every other VLAN interface that you want to block traffic. When talking about ingress and egress, it is from the standpoint of the router, not the network segment.

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