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Script to authenticated the user, create folders, copy files and then launch executable.

Hey Experts,

I need a LOGIN Batch or VB Script to perform the following actions, in order:

1. Look in "C:\Users.Lights" DIR for a folder with the authenticated users's name on it.

2. IF there isn't a folder with it's %username% within "C:\Users.Lights", create one. IF it does exist, go to next step.

3. Look for a folder called "Lights" within "C:\Users.Lights\%username%" DIR,

4. IF there isn't is a folder called "Lights" is not found in "C:\Users.Lights\%username%" DIR, then copy the Lights folder from "C:\RDS.Setup" to "C:\Users.Lights\%username%".

5. Copy C:\RDS.Setup\PROD\*.exe C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights\ ** Overwrite existing EXE's **

6. Map network Drive " L:\ " to \\Server\Light$

7. Finally Launch Program located at: "C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights\Lights.exe"

7. END
Glenn M
Glenn M
1 Solution
Glenn MSystems Engineer / ManagerAuthor Commented:
I came up with this:

CD C:\Users.Lights
IF EXIST C:\Users.Lights\%username% (goto LIGHTSFOLDERS) ELSE (goto MKDIRUSER)

MKDIR %username%

IF EXIST C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights (goto COPYLIGHTS) ELSE (goto MKDIRLIGHTS)

cd C:\Users.Lights\%username%

COPY C:\RDS.Setup\Lights\*.* C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights
COPY C:\RDS.Setup\PROD\*.exe C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights
Net Use H: \\dctucson\light$
CD C:\Users.Lights\%username%\Lights


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....but I would LOVE is the COPY PROD EXE portion of the script to have a little intelligence. If the EXE files in PROD were newer than the C:\USERS.LIGHTS\%username$\Lights, then replace. If not, then move on.... Thoughts?
Try it with this; it uses robocopy.exe (part of the OS since Vista/Server 2008), which will by default only copy files if they don't exist in the same version in the target folder yet. You could use xcopy.exe with the /d switch, but xcopy has been declared deprecated, and Microsoft recommends to use robocopy (which is far better than xcopy):
@echo off
set BaseFolder=C:\Users.Lights
set UserFolder=%BaseFolder%\%UserName%
set LightsFolder=%UserFolder%\Lights
set SetupFolder=C:\RDS.Setup\Lights
set ProdFolder=C:\RDS.Setup\PROD

if not exist "%UserFolder%" (
	md "%UserFolder%"
if not exist "%LightsFolder%" (
	robocopy.exe "%SetupFolder%" "%LightsFolder%" *.* /r:0 /w:0
robocopy.exe "%ProdFolder%" "%LightsFolder%" *.exe /r:0 /w:0

net.exe use H: /delete >NUL 2>&1
net.exe use H: "\\dctucson\light$" /persistent:no
start "" /D "%LightsFolder%" "%LightsFolder%\Lights.exe"

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