8TB + NAS Solution

I am looking for a NAS solution and need some advice.
I have certain requirements that need to be met.

1. 8TB or more
2. FTP access (for Storagecraft intelliFTP access)
3. Reliable
4. Budget is around $800 without drives....

Every time I look at one vendor, there are many bad reviews to go along with the product. I'm stumped....

Any suggestions from experience would be appreciated.

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I would recommend, Synology DiskStation DS412+

Considering your budget, It is an excellent NAS server for advanced home and small-office networks.


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Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
BlackArmor NAS 440 Network Storage Server.  I just installed one for a client and the love it.  We use it for backups and cloud access.


It costs a little over $800 but it's worth it (about $860).

This is a little bit of detail from Seagate's website:
-Drive configurability in RAID 0,1,5,10 or JBOD in up to four logical volumes for the optimal mix of performance, redundancy and storage capacity

-Two Ethernet ports for local network connection, port failover and NAS to NAS backup

-The BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server can function as a secure FTP server, allowing remote access to files over SSL/TLS—the same technology used to protect your information when banking online.


Scott ThomsonCommented:
A cheap Android laptop running Windows 8

- As many drives as you like with ability to interchange and upgrade as usb 3 is more common with bigger spaced drives
- you can take the drive out and continue functioning the other drives and add it back in with no issues if you want to take it away
you can have an extra TB or so of free storage in your laptop to back up critical information on the drives.
- you can set manual syncing etc
- you can shut the laptop/drives down when you would not be using them. saving power
- normally comes with wireless and lan functionality that can easily be upgraded
- can set to use things like DLNA easily through sharing

- not as easy to transport
- not as easy to set up if you do transport it


I use a laptop at home as the source of my media files. works lovely and you can enable/disable functions of the laptop as needed to gain speed or do what you like.
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I have had a good experience with Buffalo NAS devices.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
You don't say if the 8TB is raw or useable, so will assume you mean useable.

8TB in RAID-5 = 6 x 2TB (4D1P + HS)
8TB in RAID-6 = 6 x 2TB(4D2P)
8TB in RAID-1 = 8 x 2TB

even if you use 3TB drives you are still looking at a minimum of 5 disks (3D1P+HS).

That would rule out estabans Blackarmour as it only holds 4 devices and other models that do have the appropriate number of bays are way over your budget, the Synology device is similar in this respect.

So it depends on if you want to buy a pre-built system or build one of your own using something like FreeNAS or preferably ZFS
April33Author Commented:
Gerald Connolly  - I was looking for a pre-built NAS...

noxcho - They were my first choice until I read a ton of bad reviews about Buffalo NAS's.  

Scott Thomson - That set up is out of my scope.. thanks

manu4u - Looks like Synology NAS is the best fit so far....

Thanks for all your input!
April33Author Commented:
Does the Synology DS 412+ have a built in Ftp server like Filezilla????
April33Author Commented:
I got my answer


I ended up purchasing the Synology DS412+ and 4, 3TB drives all for the out the door price of $1028  (including  2 day Shipping and Tax)
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
So that gives you either 6TB useable RAID10, or 9TB useable in RAID-5.

Although with disks that size I wouldn't really recommend RAID-5 as the rebuild time is going to leave your data at risk of a second drive failure for too long.
April33Author Commented:
Thanks for your input Gerald Connolly.....

What would be the best file format for this NAS:  

I am putting large image files on the NAS....
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
You mean your NAS gives you a choice?
April33Author Commented:
Those are the choices for that model NAS.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
NTFS if you are just using Windows.. best security and allocation
April33Author Commented:
You guys are instrumental in helping to find the perfect NAS for my application!

Thanks bunches!!!!!!!
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