Loss of access to network shares until reboot

Good Morning Experts Exchange,

We are having an issue with the loss of all network shares until a reboot is performed on the server. Access to the shares fails on both forward and reverse lookup. Shortly thereafter RDP from the LAN ceases to works.

* Windows firewall has been disabled on the server and the box is fully patched

* The server -> client ping, client -> server ping never fails, server -> WAN never drops (on both forward and reverse lookup)

* The ARP cache is correct on both the clients and server, once cleared is correctly enumerated on both client and server

* System resources appear to be normal (Available RAM, Page Faults, Disk I/O, Queue Length, No bad sectors on disk)

* Event logs are completely clear of any warning or error and the server continues to log events for other processes and services after the shares fail.

* Netstat shows all connections into the server have dropped, the client requests are never acknowledged by the server but packets sent

* Routing and Remote access is not configured on this server

* Interestingly when running net view \\servername on the client machines the shares are still listed but not accessible when you try net use.

Any further suggestions on possible solutions to this would be helpful as raising to Microsoft will be impossible given the loss of remote access to the site.

Kind regards,

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Pramod UbheCommented:
may be antivirus?
plokij5006Author Commented:
It turned out to be a bad DNS update which caused the DNS.exe to opening far too many file handles, which could be witnessed in Task Manager by adding "Handles" in the column view. This was showing as 7000+ handles which breaches the MS recommended maximum of 5000. Stopping the running process freed the files handles and disabling the service prevented future loss of the network shares.

Stopping the DNS process immediately restored access to the file shares.

Bad Update

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plokij5006Author Commented:
Immediate resolution of the problem upon disabling the DNS.exe process, removing the bad patch and restarting the DNS server resolved the issue
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