Filmaker GO Local Database Uploading to Remote Database

I have a Source.fm12 and a Target.fm12 files.
I have been trying to write a script that allows me to send data from a local DB found in FMGO to a hosted DB. I have followed Filemaker suggestion on how to do this, but it does not work. The issue seems to be in the "Import" script step. I am not able to see the source fields when I am connected on the remote DB.
Just FYI: It works find when I have both files on my local desktop.
Has anyone been successful at doing this?
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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
Having both files on your desktop is not the same as connecting to a Hosted database, either with FM Go or with FileMaker Pro. You need to make sure that it works when one of the files is hosted. Setup your file to be hosted (using FM Server or FM Pro) on one computer. Go to another computer and open the other file in FileMaker Pro. Then test your script.

Without knowing exactly how your data is structured, you will probably need to add the table you are trying to import into to the relationship graph of the remote ("Source"?) file. This gives you access to the hosted file whenever you have a connection to it. You can see the data in the Hosted file (and create layouts based on it's tables) and interact with the data in the hosted file via scripts or directly.

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