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On our website we have an image of a portion of the USA with borderlines for all the visible states. Right now there are image maps around each state and around the text on the periphery of the image. It works well, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to do the same thing. From what I understand image maps are "old school" and don't do much for SEO etc. Is there an alternate solution that won't require me to go night school for another diploma to figure out? Also, since the era  of smartphones is firmly upon us I'd need this to be useable on them as well.

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Image maps are still as relevant as they ever were so there is no problem using them
If you want a modern version then you can use SVG but only for IE9+
CementTruckAuthor Commented:
Thanks for commenting Gary. I used to use Dreamweaver to create the image maps and it was so easy. I no longer have Dreamweaver and so I am looking for another tool to create the maps. Photoshop CC does the rectangles just fine, but I also need to do the polygons.

If this thread is starting to stray from the original question too much I can open another one for you.


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CementTruckAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I found a few other online tools as well.
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