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what is a cluster?

what is cluster failover?

can you recommend any articles to review for hyper-v beginners?
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Pff. were do you want to begin.

Simple said, a cluster is 2 or more machines that hold 1 specific service (service as in mail service or print server or file server). Meaning if one physical machine fails you are able to failover this to other servers without you actually interfering with it. Look at it as using hot Vmotion on a VMware server but then automatically when a server crashes,.

I can dish up some articles but my search is as good as yours.. Looking at the MCSE 2012 books is a good place to start tbh..
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A Cluster is more than one Hyper-V Server.

Cluster Failover is NOT vMotion, Cluster Failover is when a Hyper-V Host shutsdown in an uncontrolled fashion e.g. server crash.

Virtual Machines are then restarted on other Hyper-V hosts automatically, this would be the same as VMware HA.

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