Saab 2004 93 turbo seatbelt won't retract

Drivers side seatbelt won't retract. I have the cover removed and can see the retracting barrel. It will roll but the spring that draws the seatbelt in won't work.

I'm hoping something can trigger it to work because new seat belts are $500.00 and if you can find a used one for $100.00 that's a find. I'm an amateur but I'm pretty handy and think I can replace it but I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm broke.

I'll attach a picture but it looks like there's only one electrical connection. That white retaining piece is broken but I don't think it made it contract anyway.

Any help is appreciated.
artDrivers side seat belt 2004 Saab 93
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artismobileAuthor Commented:
The more I look at this the more I ask myself why it doesn't work!
artismobileAuthor Commented:
I can get it to retract if I hold the unit upside down and if I inch it a bit at a time. Soon as I put it back it pulls out with no resistance. Looks like a float thing. Guess I will order a new one since no experts are responding to this anyway
Your car insurance may not cover "do it yourself" repairs of safety items such as seat belts.

Thus any accident claim may become void after a "do it yourself repair"
Please check this clause with your insuance company before proceeding.

I recommend dealership or other professional service to repair or replace it.

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artismobileAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. I already found a dealer who can install the seatbelt at a reasonable price.
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Already found the solution
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