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Rerouting Wifi and Voip traffic through different Gateway

At my site office , i have a Network with Access Point's connected to my Head office ,  through which i am getting VOIP on my Cisco Wireless Phone and Wifi for internet.

Now i brought another Connection Directly from ISP with  ADSL router at my office ,
 so that i can use Internet via This ADSL  router and VOIP via Connection i have with my Head office .

and obviously i need My access point to carry both traffic (  VOIP and Internet) from user side to respective gateway.

ADSL router came from ISP is not of that "Configurable capacity"  but i have "8 Port Cisco Catalyst Switch 3560 series Layer 3 Switch" through which i was using all the facilities till now .(Voip and Data)

So i know that i have to  Connect ADLS router  to one of the Port in this cisco switch and enter configuration to route all traffic coming for internet to pass through the port in which i have connected ADSL router.
( Find the two Pics attached )

But my doubt is , what will be the basis of segregating  both traffic , will it be IP Based ?
Or in is it by separating network through identifying the vlan .

Kindly   input your comments , i know that details provided here are not complete , i will be very happy even if you put the sample configuration steps you might have done when you  had  a similar  situation with a Layer three switch at your side .( connected to head office , and have many vlans and other configurations )
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You can do things simply or more complicated, depending on what your future needs are. The simplest thing to do is connect the ADSL router to your switch and configure the default route on the 3560 switch to point to the ADSL router instead of your corporate office. A copy of at least part of your current configuration would be helpful. Right now I don't know if you have any VLANs, how you are handling routing, or even if the 3560 is using any layer 3 functionality. For example, if the 3560 is only in layer 2 and all of your clients are pointing to the router for your head office then you can't just add a default route on the 3560.

If I were to do this in my network, the 3560 would be doing routing. I would prefer to use a dynamic routing protocol such as OSPF, EIGRP, or BGP to exchange routes with the head office. If they were not available I would use static routing over RIP. I would probably have at least 3 VLANs. One VLAN would be for the local clients, one for connecting to the router to corporate and another VLAN to connect to the ADSL router.

At the simplest level routing decisions are made based on destination. If the destination is on any part of the corporate network then route the traffic towards corporate. Everything else can take the default route out the ADSL.
FiruITAuthor Commented:
By  googling/search    on the same topic , I am now  going to enter  below commands  on Cisco switch  

iproute / 17    172 .17.25.254 ( Corporate Default gateway )
iproute        X.X.X.X        
   ( X.X.X.X  =  Either  port ID on Cisco switch, where I have connected my new   "on site ADSL router" or  IP of the port on ADSL router - please hint me )

also I know it's appropriate to create a VLAN and  Map vlan to SSID .

as you can see above I am having some bit's and byte's on how to do it ,

Kindly connect this dots for me so that picture become clear for me.
FiruITAuthor Commented:
my own finding but not a clean and correct answer

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