Windows Server Essentials 2012 r2 connector error


I am trying to connect a client to a Windows Server 2012 R2 server with the Connector Configuration Wizard.  Unfortunately it fails on the first screen.  It sees the server but gives the information that it cannot get information from it.  Stuck there.  Others machines have worked in the past.  I can't find a single message of this problem on the web.
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Hello, I am not trying to poke fun, but is the system and server time synced?  do you have enough free memory available?

we sometimes overlook the simple stuff.

WilMaTechAuthor Commented:
Poke away, I always just want for things to work and an easy answer is even better than a hard answer.

I did check that though.  In researching I've seen other errors about the connector and the time sync was one of them.

The desktop has 16GB of RAM and the server 32.
WilMaTechAuthor Commented:
As an update, I've tried it on another machine and I get the same error.  So I've determined that it is not the PC, but something wrong on the server.  

The only major change on the server between the time the client connector config worked and now, was an unsuccessful attempt to get remote access working on the had something to do with certificates.

I can join clients to the domain, so they can get their work done, but none of the Essentials aspects work, and the machines don't show up in the Dashboard.
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
does nslookup work on computer failing? most problems I've seen with essentials is between the DNS and the DHCP and router. If it's an ATT router start there. Running the wizards and it doesn't find the router config, which most ATT devices no longer support uPNP creates allot of issues.
WilMaTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the thoughts.  It did turn out to be related to certificates and settings in the IIS config (where the connect computer function resides).  Running the remote access wizard changed some settings about bindings which the connect computer didn't like.  I'm not exactly sure but enough tinkering got it going.

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WilMaTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input and suggestions.  Turns out I was able to make it work with another alternative technique.
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