Is it possible to block ISP reconfiguration of my modem?

Is it possible to block ISP reconfiguration of my new modem (Surfboard SBG6580)?  My ISP keep pushing a configuration, which make me lose access to the configuration page.

Thanks for your help.  Long story below if you want to know the reasons why i want to do that.


My ISP recently changed my modem because it kept "going out of sync".  (That's the only thing i can see).  So they changed it for a Surfboard SBG6580, and i was able to figure out that admin page was at, and admin password was "motorola".  Once i had access to this page, i was able to get access to a status page showing me the Power Level for the Upstream & Downstream.  That's exactly what i needed.  I've made a software to pump that information into an excel sheet every 30 seconds to monitor their level.  It was working with my old modem, and now that i've got that information with my new modem, i've started to adapt my software to monitor these data too, to see if the power level are fluctuating like the old one.

For some reason, 2 days later, i'm no longer able to access that page.  I've called my ISP, and they claim that they block it because i'm not paying for their Wireless option.  Indeed, i'm not paying for that because i already got my WiFi router.  They don't seems to be able to create a specific user just to get the status, so they disable the whole thing because of that.

I'm not stealing them, in fact, i just want to help them.  I consider that my soft to monitor their line is way better than their own "remote monitoring" which constantly say: "Ok everything is just fine" when you absolutely got NO CONNECTION AT ALL.  They should consider themselves lucky to have someone who is not "computer illiterate" as a customer to get themselves out of trouble.  Because if i'm not going to have something working, i'll just cancel their service and find another company.
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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAsked:
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Assuming you are renting the modem from the ISP, the bottom line is that this is ISP-provided equipment, so there's not a lot you can or should have the need to do.

Many routers/modems provided by ISPs have a user-serviceable component to them, such as a configuration page where you can set up the IP address, wireless details, port forwarding etc., but ALL of them also have non-user-serviceable configuration sections that are managed remotely by your ISP, which you are not supposed to have access to. The ISP can lock down whatever parts of their device that they want to however they see fit.

I know you were given a tantalizing opportunity to peek behind the curtain because of the incompetence of your ISP, but they're providing a service to you and in the same way that you can't dig up the cable on your street, or invite yourself into the shipping/receiving department of their warehouse to figure out why your package hasn't arrived, this is a part of the system you're not supposed to have access to.

I would suggest that you prove to the ISP's technical support that nothing on your end is causing the issue. This means disconnect all of your own equipment (including your wireless router), reset the modem to factory defaults and/or swap it out for a new one from your ISP, connect it as close as possible to the demarcation point of the ISP's cabling that runs into your building, and connect directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.

If after that the Internet still fails to work reliably, it is now entirely in your ISP's hands to fix the problem - they can send out a technician, they can do remote diagnostics and troubleshooting on their end, they can swap out equipment, and after the first level tech support has spent long enough scratching their heads they can escalate the issue up to their more seniors engineers. Whatever they need to do, it shouldn't concern you so long as they get it working.

If they STILL cannot give you a reliable service, leave them and switch to another provider who can.

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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The problem is that i'm paying for a service that keep failing.  They are not paying for their incompetence, but i do.  And i don't get any reduction on my bill too.  In fact, i don't want reduction, i want the problem to be solved because i use it for my business that i have at home, and if it fail, everything fail.  I'm on VoIP with no land line anymore.  So each time i call them, i call them with my cell, and my bill keep rising.

I'll just see if this modem will fail or not, and if the problem still occur, i dump them.  I've already done all the tests you asked.  I've disconnected it from my UPS in case that the "sine wave" was not pure enough, i've tried to have less power & utp cable next to t he modem, etc...  nothing solve the problem.

But i'll give this modem its chance...

The only thing that bug me is that i have no way to tell them: "Today you had 6 downtime of about 10 minutes".  

Thanks for your time.
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