Mitel 5330e phones stuck on DHCP server message

We have a remote Mitel 5330e phone that has access to our Call Server via our layer 2 VPN tunnel.  The remote site only has 1 VLAN and it's the default VLAN.  We used the DHCP config helper to build option 125 and it still can't get an IP address.  The headquarters where the Call Server is uses VLAN 20, however, I'm able to access the Call Server from the default VLAN 1 on the remote network just fine..  So..  This is why we used the default VLAN ID of 1 on the DHCP config builder.  But..  The remote phone still can't get an IP address.  The desktop computer that is plugged into the phone can..  Any ideas?
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My guess, is your remote phones are pointing at an IP for DHCP servers that it can not reach on the default configuration.  

It probably should be getting it's information from the same DHCP server as it's downstream stream PC is, then being assigned over o the Voice VLAN.
gopher_49Author Commented:
We typically don't use the DHCP server from the remote network.. We have a DHCP server at each remote facility.  This way if the VPN is down we can still issue DHCP.

I'm thinking we need to tag it for vlan20 for the remote SIP server is on vlan 20 and all of it's phones register using this vlan, however, I'm able to access the server from the remote network via the default untagged VLAN.  Something tells me the Mitel option 125 is expecting a tagged switch port for it can't even get an IP address from the local DHCP server.
Andy CantuCommented:
What VLAN is the switchport on where the phone and chained PC are connected?

What DHCP server are you trying to use for the phone?  What DHCP server are you using for the PC?

Can you post the Option you have configured on the DHCP scopes?
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gopher_49Author Commented:
They are plugged into a untagged port.  The workstation gets an IP address from the local DHCP server and can ping the remote Mitel server...  The phone doesn't get an IP address.  

We have a Sonicwall firewall issuing option 125.  I tried leaving the vlan option 125 field blank but it wants something in it.  I assume any value entered into this field assumes your switch port is tagged for it.  I would prefer to have it untagged for the default vlan ID 1.
Andy CantuCommented:
Can you post the string that you've configured in the option?


You should try just putting 1 in the VLAN field and see if that works.  Most switches will accept a tagged packet, if the tag is the same VLAN they're on.
gopher_49Author Commented:
We're resuming this project on Monday.  I'll post the DHCP record then..  I think part of our problem is that the phones really need to talk to VLAN 20..  But.  The remote SIP server is through a layer 2 VPN.  I really don't want to deal with passing 802.1q across the layer 2 VPN.  To me that shouldn't be required as long as each network can see each other.
gopher_49Author Commented:

How do we put the 5330e in teleworker mode?  Also, what ports need to be open?  And can we access the phone switch via it's internal IP when using teleworker mode?  The phones will be on the VPN.  Also.. Do we need to do anything special to the extension to allow Teleworker mode?

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gopher_49Author Commented:
Putting it in Teleworker mode is the suggest method and disabling DHCP options.
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