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VMware snapshots - How to make current snapshot the base image for Veeam backups

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I have a VM that has two snapshots and the base image (see picture)

I need to remove all of the snapshots in order for Veeam to back up the VM (since it doesn't want VMs to have snapshots).

How can I make my current snapshot (titled: 724) the base image? .... meaning, it will become the primary image and there won't be any snapshots listed?
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You can take snapshots and revert back to before the snapshot. But the purpose of snapshots is to test things safely. So you need to go back and make the changes to the base image.
Looks like to me you are currently running on 724. If you just consolidate or delete the snapshots that shdoul giv eyou want you want.

Let me ask you a question. Do you need to take the machine back in time? If want to keep what you have running now just delete all the snapshots. When you delete a snapshot it consolidates the snapshot into the main vmdk. (what you are calling the base image)

The term Delete the snapshot is a little misleading.
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@Andrew Hancock

So, when the snapshot manager says "delete", it actually means that it will roll that snapshot into the base image?

Does it matter what order I delete the snapshots? For example: should I delete the oldest one first and then the most recent, or will it detect the most recent updates/changes no matter what order I delete?

Just Select DELETE ALL.
Just so you fell more conformable I will second that just select "Delete All". You do not have to do them one at a time.
Sorry for the delay. Great answer.