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Import-CMDriver fails with "Import-CMDriver : Invalid object path "

Last Modified: 2015-01-30
I am attempting to use Import-CMDriver cmdlet for SCCM 2012 R2 but it fails with:

"Import-CMDriver : Invalid object path "

I can see that it is adding the driver to the catalog, but it is failing to add it to the package and I can't figure out why.  I have tried with different inf files and deleted and created different packages.  It just doesn't work.  Here is the command that I am running.  I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

 Set-Location abc:
    foreach($iniFile in $infFilesToDeploy){
        $cmDrivePackage = Get-CMDriverPackage -Name "PackageName"
        $cmDriverCat = Get-CMCategory -CategoryType "DriverCategories" -Name "PackageName"
        Import-CMDriver -UncFileLocation $iniFile -ImportDuplicateDriverOption AppendCategory -AdministrativeCategory $cmDriverCat -EnableAndAllowInstall $True -DriverPackage $cmDrivePackage -UpdateDistributionPointsforDriverPackage $false
As I said, it is seeing the ini file since it it importing it into the catalog.  It just won't add it to the package.  It also leaves the package in a locked state if I try to modify it after I run this command.

Anyone have any ideas why this command doesn't function?

I even tested without adding to a package:

Import-CMDriver -UncFileLocation "\\abe\drivers$\test\Display.Driver\nv_disp.inf"

I get the same error message about invalid object path.  It still adds the driver to the driver catalog, but displays this error message.  Seems like a bug here.  Anyone else able to add drivers using this cmdlet?

I am running this on Windows 8.1.  I also tried it on the SCCM server running Server 2012 and I get the same error.

Thank you for your time.
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If I enable -verbose, I can see this WQL query is failing:

VERBOSE: Executing WQL query: Select CTC.CI_ID,CTC.ContentID From SMS_CIToContent As CTC Join SMS_Driver As DR On

Seems to be a bug....


SCCM version 5.0.7958.1303
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