How to add parent group fields to the left of the child fields in SSRS reporting

Hi Experts,
Is it possible to group table/matrix information so that you have the parent information then the child (detail) then grouped again with the parent data?

See picture below. I want to show the linked controls after the risk information. But I then want to show the risk scores after the linked controls but grouped. Otherwise I will end up with repeated Risk Scores for all the linked controls.
Please see attached Grouping-with-Control-in-Middle-of-Risk-.

Is this possible?

Many thanks,
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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
I think it should be possible, possibly by nesting a second table inside the main one.  The nested table would be used to display the list of controls.

If the above is not sufficient to help you figure it out, could you post some sample data which I can use in an example?

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Papa1NZAuthor Commented:
Hi Valentino, Sorry for the late reply but have been travelling. I have used the nested table before and it works ok but there are some issues which I can't get past which means I can't use it. Hopefully you have a better way?  
Problem 1:  If you only have one column the report looks fine. However as the above example appears there are two columns. If you nest a table for two columns then the table appears like it is a table within a cell. E.g. table stops when it reaches the last item in the control list.  This is an issue as the vertical line separating the control name and description does not continue to the next risk item group. E.g. When the Risk Description causes the Risk column to grow vertically longer than the combined linked controls then the middle column separator stops at that point as well. Is their a way to make the two control items 'Control name' and 'Control description' line up with each other and the vertical line separating them also continues past the last control row.  
Problem 2: I also had issues with the word document rendering. The table cells seem have their own column length adjustments. E.g. the vertical lines didn't line up when the Control Name was to long. It pushed all the other control lines out of alignment. Seems to be a MS word rendering issue but still and issue I don't know how to avoid. Any ideas. Do you still require the example. I have sensitive data. So I would need to create a mock up script and report.
Many thanks for your help!
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