How can i restrict users to install winrar through Group Policy?

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Hi Experts,

In my company, we are asking all users not to use winrar as it is trial software. I am forcing users to use only 7Zip which is free of cost. But still some users are installed and using Winrar software. So i come to know that i can restrict them through group policy. Can anyone help me in that? Alo i want to know how can restrict to run Winrar where it is installed already.

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Hey Abhijit,

If a user is an admin it is quite hard not to let him install software. I would suggest not giving them admin right and that would solve the problem.

If that isn't an option you should be using Software restiction policies. You can disable a specific .exe to be used, problem is renaming it will do the trick (don't know how techy your users are). Other option is to use a hash rule to make sure users cannot install or use the application. Do keep in mind that every time there is a new version you would need to add this to the restriction policy as well.
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Additional Information:

I have my Domain controller with Windows server 2003 Enterprise OS.

Windows Server 2003 policies also allow for Software Restriction Policies.

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