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DHCP not updating AD DNS

I am having an issue with DNS.
It's worked for yonks and nothing has changed of late - except a power failure...

Site A server A is a 2008 PDC. It's doing DNS & DHCP, Server B is a 2008 BDC also running DHCP
Site B server C is a 2008 BDC doing DNS & DHCP

DNS is not being updated though.

I killed al leases last night and this morning no updates in DNS.
Clients on site A or B are getting leases from only the legitimate servers. I've checked
I then disabled DHCP on Server B just in case.
Machines join the LAN and get lease but still DNS not being updated.
AD appears to be working fine - I can add machines and they are duly replicated. DFS works

I've check security settings and the 3 DC's are allowed to update DNS.
I've also set DHCP to forefullyupdate DNS regardless if the client asks or not.

Also DNS timestamps.
If a user gets a lease yesterday say and then another elase today - say the same IP
Should the timestamp in DNS not be updated also? Some have beenupdated today
but others havent or are missing completely
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1 Solution

Please verify in your DHCP Console -> IP V4 Properties -> DNS - 'Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR Records' option is set.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for the post.
It is ticked - Thats what I meant by

I've also set DHCP to forefullyupdate DNS regardless if the client asks or not.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Also meant to say stopped and started the usual DNS/DHCP etc and made no difference
Check if dns zone (domain.com) and (_msdcs.domain.com) is set to secure dynamic update only
Add both DHCP servers in DNS Update proxy group on domain controller
Set credentials in DHCP console, otherwise your dhcp-dns integration options will not help to update records
Check below post for how to achieve this and to understand dns dhcp integration and other options to set correctly
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Adding and re-entering credentials seems to have sorted the issue.

I can honestly say I've never added any server to DNS Update group
And it's worked flawlessly for about 3 years.


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